When it comes to learning code like that of HTML & CSS it doesn’t’ have to be super difficult or really expensive. In fact, there are many great code learning platforms on the web, with some even being free! But with so many to choose from and new platforms popping up regularly, which platforms are the best and easiest to use?

Best Coding Platforms To Learn HTML & CSS

CodeAcademy –

is a well known FREE platform that teaches you HTML code in small increments. It offers a split-screen so that you can see both your code as well as live updates. Everything is automated and marked which makes the curriculum very structured and easy to go through. The downfall is that for those looking for an HTML certification at the end of the course, CodeAcadamey does not offer or provide one. In general, this platform is best used as a starting point for those looking to learn code. In fact, this platform is great for learning the basic concepts of HTML

W3Schools –

This platform is similar to CodeAcademy and is a great way to learn HTML & CSS code. All of the lessons on the platform are available to you right away and they even offer a certification showing your HTML experience for $95. This platform also offers new content all the time proving that they are always evolving when it comes to the world of web development. This platform is great for beginners and those looking for more advanced lessons should look to another platform. 

Lynda.com –

This platform offers thousands of courses on many different topics including HTML. There are a limited amount of free videos to start with and then you must sign up for a monthly membership. With their premium membership, you gain access to project files to help with your code development. Thi platform is available as a mobile app and can be used anywhere. The downfall of this platform is that it requires a paid membership where the others we discussed are 100% free. The fact that the level of your membership also entails the amount of access you have to all of their tools can be quite limiting too. 

The bottom line is that with an abundance of code learning platforms available you are sure to find one that meets your needs and works best in terms of the way you learn. Just remember learning HTML & CSS can seem very intimidating but it doesn’t have to be! And it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money either! In fact, it can be very easy! Take advantage of all of the platforms at your fingertips and you will be well on your way on your code learning journey!


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