Hacking is the process of penetrating a system to look for vulnerabilities. Ethical hacking is done to improve the security of a network. The methods adopted by ethical hackers are the same as malicious hackers, but the intentions are different. The former dies the hacking with the permission of the administrator to find any flaws in the system.


If you are new to programming, you must start from the basics. HTML is the basics of programming. If you want to have an idea, then go to your browser, and see the page source by a single right key. Advanced knowledge of HTML will let you have an insight into the programming world, and as a beginner, it is very easy to learn as compared to the other languages. It is written in basic programs like Notepad, and Notepad++.

Gain knowledge of Programming

If you are interested in learning ethical programming, then you must have to learn everything there is to. Ethical hackers are sharp and know everything about how things work. You can’t do it without learning about it. Learn about the different programming languages, and how to use them. See which is the best programming language, and which is the best to use. You can sue the internet for research. It will take you a little time to learn about the language, but at the end of the day, it will be worth it.

 Be a Creative Thinker:

A job of an ethical hacker needs a lot of thinking. You have to find the vulnerabilities in a system, and so you must be able to find solutions. They are like engineers who devise plans to construct things.

Creative Thinker

Solving Problems

In ethical hacking, sharing information is one of the virtues of the profession. You are not expected to share all the secrets of your ways, but if you do share how to solve the complex problems, then you will get the highest amount of respect among fellow hackers.

Be Competent:

You must not acre about how you are viewed on the field, but use every opportunity that you get to polish your skills. The more you learn new ways, the better you will become. Anybody can pose as a hacker, but not everybody can become one. If your work is great, you won’t have to care about your reputation. It will develop on its own.

Write Open source:

Writing new programs is a better way to get into the market. You will get the opinion of others, and this way, you will learn where you have lacked. Open source is what gains you respect in the hacker community.


One of the characteristics of a good hacker is to make use of the information available to them and make sure that it is used in a better way. The learning never ends, and if you keep on acquiring knowledge, the status will automatically improve.